Full Stack Web3

Building the future of digital asset markets

The foundation of all Web3 , the internet of value, is liquidity

Tritum is focused on enabling the growth of the web3 ecosystem through solutions to improve access to liquidity and by extracting value from existing inefficiencies.


We create and monetize  a view of risk, price, volatility, and event-driven market conditions


We enable retail users in developing markets access to quality trading, credit, and asset management tools through Blocktane


Market making for issuers and Exchanges. 
Staking, arbitrage, and repeatable market structure-based trading opportunities managed through Vesi Capital


Forthcoming tokenization and synthetic instruments

Abstract Lines

Unprecedented Opportunity Requires
Impeccable Execution.

Tritum sits at the nexus of traditional and web3 financial ecosystems. We recognize and apply the lessons learned form decades of experience managing billions of dollars in market activity in securities markets, combined with crypto native capabilities to leap forward in blending the best of both to serve the world.

Neither CeFi, DeFi, regulated, or unregulated markets individually are the answer. Enabling maximum utility of capital and liquidity access across the composite ecosystem requires next generation tools. Tritum uniquely understands the issues at hand, and is building those solutions.  

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