The Full Stack Digital Liquidity Enablement Company

Building The Missing Link Between Digital Assets and Regulated Capital Markets

Tritum is creating the leading integrated financial ecosystem to bridge traditional and digital asset markets. Created by a team of financial services and blockchain veterans, we deliver institutional grade products to serve the complete lifecycle of capital formation, liquidity enablement, capital deployment and information tools bridging the regulated capital markets and burgeoning digital asset worlds.

Liquidity Services

Digital Asset Liquidity at Scale
Through XT, our exchange technology solution, Tritum services digital asset liquidity needs for regulated counterparties.
Institutional Digital Securities Exchange
Tritum is seeking regulated status under European Union MiFID II regulation for the construction of a Multilateral Trading Facility. We believe bringing digital assets to a global regulated standard via an MTF venue is key to enabling institutions to participate in trading existing digital assets such as crypto currencies, but more importantly launches a top tier venue for the trading of all securities represented on digital ledger technology.

Exchange Technology

We are building a suite of robust, resilient, and performant industry backbone systems which will underpin the future of finance and value exchange.

Our full stack XT exchange technology includes an unparalleled matching engine, handling one million messages per second, as well as class leading risk management software to maintain fair, orderly markets.
Tritum’s tools and platforms are built with intuitive and advanced desktop and mobile user  interfaces, while also offering multicast data feeds and order entry protocols to plug into financial industry standard OMS, EMS, and risk platforms.

Advisory Services

Tritum is innovating in digital asset markets by growing and building products in collaboration with other stakeholders to build ecosystem solutions for everyone, and accelerate industry maturation. Recently, Tritum’s Advisory Services announced it is engaged in the launch of Bolsa Cripto, a digital asset exchange for Brazil.

Digital Issuance

Tritum believes asset digitization is a key to the future of the representation of units of value for securities and non-securities alike.

Our Mintt token issuance suite enables non-securities assets to be digitized and deployed into broad arrays of fintech where digital ledger technology provides measurable improvement in the delivery of services but itself may not be visible. Built in collaboration with the industry leading blockchain development team at BlockX Labs. Our first product is the Brazilian Real backed stable coin BRMint, currently available on Bolsa Cripto.


Blockchain is The Future

Blockchain, or Digital Ledger Technology is the next evolution of the representation of value and assets in an electronic format. Tritum is an early mover in the adoption of this underlying technology that we believe all global securities will adopt over time. We view DLT as no more controversial than the dematerialization of paper certificates into electronic clearing systems decades ago.

Conversely, DLT’s  ability to fundamentally change how financial services operates is immensely impactful. From the elimination of settlement delays, drastic reductions in costs, error processing, and risk, DLT has only just begun to be explored.

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